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Custom Purities / Synthesis
AGT has 11 separate purification systems using 17 different distillation columns and a number of multi purpose reactors and offers a range of custom synthesis solutions.

Examples of our custom synthesis products include the following:

Description Standard Custom Specification
Ethylene 2.5, low acetylene Acetylene < 10ppm Acetylene < 2ppm
Propane, 2.5, low ethylene Ethylene not specified Ethylene < 100ppm
Isobutane, 2.5, low moisture Moisture < 5ppm Moisture < 1ppm
Methane, 5.0 Ethane < 5ppm Ethane < 2ppm
AGT engineers have developed some innovative solutions to our customer's needs where they been unable to locate products from other sources.

Using our years of chemical and gas engineering experience, AGT has been able to custom synthesize molecules exactly to specification. Examples of such products that started in our custom synthesis group and which are now mainstream products are cis and trans-2-butenes manufactured using a unique isomerization process.
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